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Therapeutic Shoe Modifications

Are specialty shoe modifications to enhance the stability, mobility, and/or relieve pressure points on the foot (rocker soles, extended steel shanks, Metatarsal bars, cavferdams, flares, etc.) These specialty shoe modifications should be designed and fabricated by an experienced technician. We strongly recommend footwear made of natural materials, such as leather or rubber.
The ROCKER BAR is a longer metatarsal bar shaped with considerable convexity and can help take more pressure off the MP joints than a standard external metatarsal bar. This bar can be used to relive metatarsal pain, quicken or shorten the gait cycle, or assist dorsiflexion. A rigid rocker may relive hallux rigidus and problems caused by limited motion of the ankle.
A LATERAL HEEL WEDGE can be either inserted or external, but it must be placed under the heel base.
  • To unload forefoot by loading rear
    and midfoot.

  • Accommodate fixed dorsi-flexion.

  • Relieve pressure on metatarsal

  • Increase propulsion

  • Assist gait

  • Reduce energy expended in the effort of walking


  • Decrease heel impact

  • Increase propulsion at toe-off

  • Shorten stride

  • Reduce floor reaction forces up calcaneus and metatarsal heads

Two important measuring points for short limb build-ups are at the center of the heel and at the ball of the foot. The prescription should specify the leg length difference and the height of the elevation requested for the ball and heel. Elevations need not be cumbersome or heavy. Liquid to rigid foam materials create an attractive, light elevation.
A JONES BAR is placed between the insole and the outsole. Preshaped, it takes pressure off the metatarsal heads and is beveled both anteniorly and posteriorly. The bar should be placed ¼ inch posterior to the heads.

METATARSAL BARS lose their effectiveness if applied to footwear that does not fit the foot properly. The first and fifth metatarsal heads are landmarks in positioning the various types of metatarsal bars. When applied, the metatarsal bars should not be placed pressure of any individual head.